Another year’s coming

Another year is coming and, like the past six months, I really don’t know what I want to do in my future!
Ehm… Is not so correct because I’ve got some dreams (like the child and the astronaut…) but I’m not able to decide which door I want open.

Myopia definitely reduces my choices, and six months without job don’t help projects such as: pick up all of my stuff and go on holiday then hoping to find work there.                 It remains to decide, whether, to continue studying (of course in another country because in Italy there are no degree courses in photography) after losing 3 years, or hope to find work and then move in another country (UK or Finland might ) with a better CV.

If i knew it before, I did not study mechanic but as a chef! After 3 years I’m more experienced in kitchen working than in my diploma area…

Photography and mechanic are my passions but I don’t know who follow. Probably “both” is the right choice, but I’ve never seen a photographer that can live only with mechanical photos. After these considerations I can say that I didn’t resolve nothing so I continue on my idea: I find a job but I also make the UCAS form. Then in July I’ll see, if I pass the selections, how many options remain.

Happy New Year from my problematic mind! 😀



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