About me…

I’m not the kind of person that speaks of itself … indeed! I’m not the kind of person who talks a lot!I prefer are things and actions to describe a person…

I decided to use photography!

My little history with photography: all started when I was young and going to the mountains for the first times, I remember I did outside a 36-exposure roll of film with mountains and landscapes (pretty pointless… but considering the’ age…).After that I continued to take photographs but without feeling that like a passion… I was taken by more… Until, five years ago, I bought my first digital camera, a bridge, nothing so special, but I already starting to look the first strange shots, but above all to seek the first landscapes.I knew I wanted to photograph landscapes and, while the other fell on Sunday morning after a night of celebration, I went out to take pictures at sunrise.In short, the bridge fell, and so I had the ‘opportunity to buy the first SLR: a Nikon D40.With this new camera I found out the night photography and panoramic pictures so my departures approached more and more to coincide with the arrivals of my sister … in practice, she came and I was leaving (4.00 am)I’ve made 10,000 shots even turning Spain and England before that this was going to break …My first SLR camera has become the second body and now shooting primarily with a pro reflex (she’s awesome! =D ) … but I keep using the ‘other while climbing.

…As for the mountain, alpinism and climbing in particular, I practical that since I was little, more seriously in recent years, but not a lot as I want… times is not on my side! Ice-Climbing, for the moment, isn’t in my thoughts … at least as long as I live with my parents and I can not hide it (two ice axes and crampons are a couple of unambiguous objects)… Anyway is something that fascinates me: ice, rock, snow, cold (yes, I’m masochist! 😀 ), the sunrise al 3000m with only around other peaks in a sea of clouds. The view from the top is something that is not describable, any photo will never make the feeling. As for the risk … nothing more than many other sports. You risk more in the street now!


2 pensieri su “About me…

  1. Ueeee BAX,

    Ho visto le foto su flickr e ce ne sono che mi hanno lasciato senza parole davvero! Mi tiri pacco ogni volta porco cane …
    È un sacco fica la faccina che ride sotto il footer, te la copierò vedrai! Secondo me in questo sito devi presentarti meglio…descriviti e descrivi quello che fai: è importante! Fatti un bel portfolio in html più jquery, no??

    Saluti Vecchio

    • Ho ZERO conoscenze di HTML tanto meno di jquery…
      Per il momento resta qui a registrare il dominio, ci scrivo qualcosa ogni molto, ma non ha ancora la valenza che vorrei avesse (sito + portfolio + curriculum).
      Dai che appena ho un buco ci si sente (tipo il ponte dell’ 8 dicembre, se non hai programmi).

      P.S. Neanche flickr è aggiornato… mancano tutte quelle da giugno a oggi (e l’ otturatore si è mosso parecchio…)


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